Stan Olsen - 6 Weeks in Body Shop for rear end collision

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I would rate them a zero, but that wasn't an option so I had to give them a one, which is way too high.On October 15th I took my Impreza in to get serviced due to a rear end collision.

The only reason I chose a dealer was because it was a lease and I felt that it would be a cleaner paper trail for when I turned it in. I met with Steve in the service department and after working out the details he looked at his calendar and said it would be finished by the end of the month. On Oct. 25th Steve called me and asked if I still wanted him to work on the car.

I told him that they had already sent out the money, but they needed to send it to Subaru Finance first. He told me it would be two weeks. The next Friday Nov. 1st I received the check in the mail and called Steve and told him I had the check.

Steve told me that he would start working on the car next week and it would be done in two weeks. I called on Wed. Nov. 13th and asked if my car would be ready on Friday.

Steve said that they were still working on it and it would be done the following Friday Nov. 22. I called Steve on Wed. Nov.

20th and asked if he was on track to get my car back to me on that Friday. He told me they were still working on it, but it probably wouldn't be ready Friday, but the following week some time. On Thursday Nov 14 Enterprise called to tell me that the other insurance company quit paying for the rental. I called Steve and he agreed to cover the cost of the rental until my car was done.

I called Stan Olsen and was given the name of Jane Olsen to speak to about this. When I finally got a hold of her she mentioned that Steve had told me that I would take about a month and that they got me in one of their cars. I told her that was not true and that they were paying Enterprise for my car. I told her that the reason I got a Subaru in the first place was for the AWD and even though there wasn't a lot of snow on the ground there was still snow and I wanted my car.

She said that she would talk to Steve and try to get me in one of their cars. Steve called me on Friday Nov. 22 to inform me that my car would be ready Tues. Nov.

26. So now it is Tues. Nov. 26th and I called Steve and left a message at 11:30.

He returned my call at 2:00 and told me my ca was ready. TWO WEEKS....two weeks to the day to fix my car. RiDICULOUS AND COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

I will never give Stan Olsen my business...EVER.My lease is up in July and you can *** well better bet my next Subaru will not be from them.

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Stan Olsen - Lease Sales Agents Lie About Lease Term End

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My daughter's lease was to end in 4 months and I contacted the Lease Department to find out if I could end the lease and start a NEW lease without having any penalities or fines because the dealership was offering some beginning of the year lease specials.They said "no problem, absolutely" you can end the current lease.

Then, 30 days after we got the new car lease, I receive notice that I owe for one month on the previous car lease. I have attempted NUMEROUS times to talk to anyone in the least department and the dealership owner, Jim Olsen, about this outright lie and unethical behavior of the lease agent but to no avail.

This will be the 4th vehicle lease I have done with this dealership and it will be my last!

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Stan Olsen Subaru

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we purchased a brand new Subaru tribeca in Dec 2010 and were very pleased with the car and the people.

However in March 2011 a crack appeared in the wind shield overnight. No crack was seen when the car was put in the garage but when we came to the car the next day a crack had appeared.

We took the car back and were introduced to the service manager who jammed his pen tip into the crack and said - yep its a stone chip and not covered by the warranty.

After several calls and mails to the dealer may of which were not returned the we sent to the issue to the BBB who contacted the dealer on our behalf. Surprise surprise they just shrugged off the complaint.

in the mean time we took the car to a dealer in Lake Manawa for an oil change and casually mentioned Stan Olsens lack of interest or concern. within 2 weeks the windshield was repaired - UNDER WARRENTY.

The moral of this story - if you want a Subaru go to Lake Manawa where the dealer cares about you.

Stan Olsen will take your money and then when you need them they will turn a deaf ear. Hey- we have your 40k don't bother us any more.

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